How’s the Josh?

Definitely high sir! While the whole nation today is busy debating the contours of nationalism, my thumbs tremble to pen down every Indian’s goodwill and gratitude towards the Indian Armed Forces. This week we bore witness to a spectacle that repeatedly betides in cinematic crafts but is barely evident in a real-life scenario. The Indian […]

Lone Breakdowns 

ENTIRELY FICTITIOUS. A SINCERE APOLOGY IF IT HURTS THE SENTIMENTS OR MORALS OF ANYONE READING IT.  Yes, I’m crying, No, I’m not weak.  Lots of people have these, maybe everyone. The array of catalysts bringing about change often strides a person towards breakdowns. Poignant breakdowns, completely disorganising a being’s life, emotionally and physically.  What did […]


It has been seemingly long with pieces of me lying in a chaos. More broken glass from the night that has passed, my limbs lay still torn in a million directions waiting for me to make precise corrections. It looks like an eternity since the sun shone through the grey sky.  Mending the jagged edges […]

Wild Holocaust 

Fictitious Heartbroken after my last breakup, I decided never to go after a player but who knew I was a magnet for bad boys. Those iron tough guys brazen and cocky, mesmerising me with their menacing vibes. I craved drama and excitement, not comfort alone. My heart knew a badboy would provide me with an […]

Farewell 2016

With 2016 making its exit and people gathering to welcome the year 2017, we’ve all seen great ups and downs in these 12 months. 2016 has marked its impact in the memory of every person who lived it. With the majority believing it to be the worst year, it indeed was a bizarre chapter in […]

Apparel is deceptive 

The paradox in our time is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers; wider highways but narrow viewpoints.  A woman’s image is widely defined by the clothes she wears. The way a woman dresses is often cited as an incitement to cheap comments. Women are time and again  judged on the basis of how […]


What are the cardinal elements you can’t live without?  Air, water, food, money, cellphones?  Some may even say their boyfriends or girlfriends. Or something that you think will stay forever? The idea of staying forever is a gaffe we humans make and we know it. Yet we continue to do the same. So here is […]


This cruel world has never been fair to anyone. Some cry it out and some embrace it with grace. Some display their grieves like the Kohinoor in the royal crown and some hide it like a face in masquerade. But this mask soon gets attached  to the skin, if you try taking it out, a […]